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Have a long life, Umka!

27 march 2007
Vladilen Kavry, field coordinator of WWF project “Bear Patrol” in Chukotka, told a story about meeting with a polar bear cub, which had happened several days ago.

“Last autumn storms were very strong and they drove ices from the shore far away to the sea” - tells Vladilen Kavry. Therewith, a dozen of polar bears were roaming near our village Ryrkapy. Such bears are an easy trophy for a bad human. Later local police arrested two poachers, who had killed three bears. In very deed, much more bears had been killed, to my mind, about a dozen…

Here is, I myself found a shed with bait for bears in tundra and informed local police about this fact. It was difficult to defend bears without constant protection… But nature helped. When heavy frost came, the sea iced, and bears went to have a hunt on ice. Nothing threatens bears among ice reefs. Strangely enough, one last year bear cub left alone. Probably his mother had been killed by poachers. Usually bear cubs die in such situations. But this guy proved to be a very quick child. For a wonder, he managed to stay alive. I often noticed his trails on the shore in winter.

I was hunting for seal, fishing in the sea among ice reefs for several days. Toward the evening, when I was coming back home, I saw something strange near trap for an arctic fox. When I approached the trap, I saw our guy. The cub could not get out; its nails were squeezed in the trap. Usually small bear cubs grizzle as children. But this one, as an adult, he was snarling and staring at me tenderly. I had nothing to do but save a poor fellow. I managed to press the cub with a stick and depressed the trap. The cub did not believe its rescue at once. It was struck dump for a moment and then paddled funnily in the direction of the sea..”

Have a long life, Umka!